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• Treat wastewater of  hospital
• Environmental impact assessment
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1. Periodically environmental monitoring reports
• Periodically environmental monitoring report established to help the authorities manage the implement of measures for protecting environment that the manufacturing plant, the company has committed. The implementation of environmental monitoring report periodically to help each company identify and prevent pollution problems and offer solutions for environmental treatment.
• Objects must perform environmental monitoring programs (environmental monitoring): the production base, sales, service and manufacturing areas, business focused services (hereinafter Base) is active and it belong to the elaboration of environmental impact assessment in accordance with Article 24 of the Law on Environmental Protection
2. Steps for periodically environmental monitoring reports
+ Survey the production of companies, factories; list the production activities that impact to the environment.
+ Survey, list measures in using for environmental protection of the company, the plant.
+ Conduct statistics, measurement, sampling and analysis of parameters characteristic of the waste and the environment; record the statistical results, measured, analyzed in the report. It should be noted that statistical methods, measurement, sampling and analysis must comply with the current technical standards and undertake by the functional units.
+ Periodically conduct the measurement, sampling and analysis specific parameters (related to waste sources) of wastes arising from the operation of the facility (waste water, waste gas, solid waste, hazardous waste damage, noise, vibration, and other criteria)
3. The regulations applied in analysis samples in the periodically environmental monitoring:
+ Wastewater: sampling at last discharge point before being discharged into public sewer systems; the regulation standards reference to waste water of production: QCVN 40: 2011/BTNMT (National Technical Regulation on industrial waste water), for domestic waste water QCVN 14: 2008/BTNMT (National Technical Regulations on domestic sewage).
+ Emissions: sampling and analysis at the source arises, after treatment systems (if any); reference regulations: QCVN 19: 2009/BTNMT (National Technical Regulation on industrial emissions for dust and inorganic substances); QCVN 20: 2009/BTNMT (National Technical Regulation on industrial emissions for some organic matter); and the other specific regulations relating been issued with Circular No. 25/2009/BTNMT on 16/11/2009 of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment;
+ Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste: statistic total waste; describe measures of sorting, storing; attach the contract with functional units in the collection, transportation and processing.
+ Noise, Vibration: measured at positions arising potentially most affected; Reference standards: QCVN 26:2010/BTNMT (National Technical Regulations on noise), QCVN 27: 2010/BTNMT (National Technical Regulation on vibration)
Periodically measurement, sampling and analysis of specific parameters (related to the negative impact sources) of the environment around the base (surface water, groundwater, air and soil) – in accordance with commitments already the approval authorities in Reporting environmental impact assessment or Registration environmental standards or written commitment to environmental protection or environmental protection plan; frequency of measuring, sampling and analysis at least 06 months / time.
+ Ambient air Environment: compare and assess following QCVN 05: 2009 /BTNMT (National Technical Regulation on ambient air quality); QCVN 06: 2009 / BTNMT (National Technical Regulation on certain hazardous substances in ambient air).
+ Surface water: compare and evaluate following QCVN 08: 2008 /BTNMT (national technical regulation on surface water quality);
+ Groundwater: compare and evaluate following QCVN 09: 2008 / BTNMT (National Technical Regulation on groundwater quality);
+ Environment Land: compare and evaluate following QCVN 03: 2008 /BTNMT (national technical regulations on permissible limits of heavy metals in the soil) and QCVN 15: 2008 /BTNMT (National Technical Regulations about chemical residues in soil and plant protection).
4. Technology research center for environmental services
Technological research center of environmental services always with businesses and organizations to join hands to protect the environment green, clean and beautiful
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1. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
     Environmental impact assessment is a process of research to identify, define, analyze, assess and forecast the potential environmental impacts (including local effects – students – chemical, socio – economic social and cultural) of projects, policies, programs and plans on the environment. Since then propose measures to reduce and transmit this information to policy makers, community before issuing a decision on the project, policy or program.
Content of EIA report
1. List, detailing the work items of projects associated with the scale of space and time and workload; operational technology for each work item and the whole project.
2. General assessment of the environmental status of the project location and adjacent areas; the sensitivity and load capacity of the environment.
3. Review details the environmental impacts likely to happen when the project is done and the environmental sectors, economic factors – social impacts of the project; forecast risks of environmental accidents caused by the works.
4. The specific measures to minimize adverse environmental impacts; prevention of and response to environmental incidents.
5. Undertaking measures to protect the environment during construction and operation of the facility.
6. List of works, program management and environmental monitoring during project implementation.
7. Cost estimate construction works environmental protection in the total non-project estimates.
8. Opinion of the People’s Committees of communes, wards and towns, representing the community where the project implementation; the job is not endorsed projects at local or disapproval towards environmental protection measures must be stated in the report of environmental impact assessment.
9. Instructions provide data sources, data and assessment methods.
2. Objects to report Environmental Impact Assessment
• The following project owner must report environmental impact assessment:
• Projects of national importance.
• The project has used a portion of land or have an adverse effect on nature reserve, national parks, historic areas – cultural, natural heritage, landscapes Rated .
• The project has an adverse effect on water resources of river basins, coastal areas and areas with protected ecosystems.
• Projects for the construction of infrastructure and economic zones, industrial parks and high-tech zones, export processing zones and clusters of villages.
• Projects for the construction of new urban centers and densely populated areas.
• Other projects have great potential to adversely impact on the environment.
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