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Report on the completion of environmental protection works

Center for Research on Technology and Environment Services – ETC specializes in consulting and implementing report on completion of environmental protection works according to the decision on approval of the project’s EIA report.
The report on the implementation of environmental protection works (also known as the EIA / MPE / Environmental Protection Scheme / Project Completion Report) is an environmental document that the production, business, or production facilities Department has been granted the EIA Approval Certificate, the Environmental Protection Plan (for investment projects that are about to be constructed) or the certificate of the environmental protection scheme (for projects already in progress). in operation) need to report on the implementation of environmental protection works.
The report is submitted to the environmental management agency for inspection and certification before putting the project into official operation, serving as a basis for competent state agencies to examine and inspect the observance of the law on environmental protection during the operation of the project.

Periodic Environmental Monitoring Report

Periodic environmental monitoring reports are important and necessary environmental records for most of today’s production, business and service establishments. Let’s find out about periodic environmental monitoring reports and related issues with ETC Research Center for Technology Services and Environment.

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